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About us

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Official representative of the world-famous clothing brand Gulf Queen in Meddile east.

the beginning of our journey


In 2010, our brand started as a small woman clothing brand - We started from baghdad the mother of culuter and scince
after two years of succses we started manufactoring our clothes in Dubai "The pearl of the world". In 2015 we started our second sales shop at Babilon Mall and so untill we became the best of the best.

54 + Products for you

22 + Satisfied clients

who are we now?


We now have 7 branches, a team of +90 skilled workers and about 167 special designed product between Jellabiya, Abaya, Hand bag, Shoe and huge collection of other products. Ordering in our store is a saving of time and effort to find what you need; assistance of experienced consultants in choosing a model.
Our specialists will help you specify your size, tell you about fabrics and materials.

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Gulf Queen
A store of your dreams

We follow fashion trends and have been in the sector for more than 12 years. A selection of the best, interesting, and most importantly, Muslims outfits for different occasions.

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